Bentley Continental Gen II GT3 “Art-Car”

  • Production year : 2019
  • Power (cv) : 550
  • Cubic capacity : 4.0-litre
  • Number of cylinders : 8 (Twin-turbo)
  • Gearbox : Ricardo six-speed sequential longitudinal gearbox
  • Layout : RWD
  • Number of seats : 1
  • Weight : +- 900 kgs
  • Petrol tank Cap. : 85L

Price : Price on request
VAT Refundable 21%


Racing vehicle
Chassis No 017

– Competitive and rare GT3
– In its livery created by Jean Boghossian
– Car always well serviced by a top-notch team

In 2014, Bentley made the bet to launch a Continental GT in motorsport, which was yet hardly designed for racing. But after rigorous preparation, the results were promising and encouraged the manufacturer to launch a second generation, called Gen II. The preparation was even more successful: the weight went to 1,275 kg, the twin-turbo V8 engine was lowered and moved further back and this GT3 was very competitive. After MSport, CMR Team became the official Bentley team in 2020 in the SRO Endurance and Sprint championship. When Bentley withdrew in 2022, CMR tried a new experiment by hiring Belgian driver Nigel Bailly, who was deprived from the use of his legs. This human and technical experience enabled the driver to belong at a similar level than able-bodied drivers.
This particular car (chassis No 17) was the one modified by Nigel Baily and took part in the 2022 Endurance Championship which also included Max Soulet, Antonin Borga and Stephane Lemeret. Prior to that, it had been chosen from 2020 to lead the Pro team (Jules Gounon, Nelson Panciatici, Seb Morris) in Sprint and Endurance. An encounter with the painter Jean Boghossian based in Brussels made it possible to transform the car into a real “Art Car”, by the fusion of several paintings from the artist onto the bodywork, inspired in particular by patterns made of fire effects.

This car is today in perfect mechanical condition and has been serviced since its last race, the 2022 24 Hours of Spa. It has a bit of scars from that event (wing and right side slightly damaged) but is ready to race in GT3. It will be delivered with two sets of rims and electronic data files in order to extract its best possible potential.

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Year 2019
Price Price on request